This Thing is Happening!


Viola!  The new gas range finally arrived!  We researched and shopped and hoped it would arrive before Christmas, but that was not to be.

This was deeply discounted at Best Buy.  Apparently a lot of other folks did their research and ordered these, too, so we were put off until today. It’s a Samsung, but no, we can’t make cell phone calls on it.


The old model (oops, missing the bottom drawer momentarily.) Only about ten years old and we had to do a major repair on it in that amount of time. So, we weren’t going to buy another GE.  (Hydra pushed this back in for me after I realized I didn’t have a before photo.)


This!  This is happening! Yes, I shopped ahead and was all ready to make the first thing I cooked in this oven something craveable: blackberry pie!

It’s also a convection oven, which I’m not sure is going to mean a lot as a non-meat eater.  But it also has a dehdydrating function, which I didn’t know until I read the manual.

Yes. I read the manual.


While the pie was in, I heated some homemade pasta sauce and had penne with marina and baby kale for lunch.  Love my vintage Descoware on the shiny new surface.

Check out that oval burner in the middle.


The oval fire ring comes with a griddle!  I feel pancakes coming on.

It’s really odd to me that there are no drip pans. Do people not really cook on these stovetops?  The delivery guy said that these cooktops clean up better than other types of surfaces.  I hope so. I’m messy sometimes!

The fact that the grate covers the whole cooktop is really nice, because when I pulled the pie out it gave me a big steady surface upon which to park the baking sheet.


Arguably the hardest part about baking a pie is waiting for it to cool sufficiently to cut!

I’ve been cooking more and more over the past ten years or so and enjoying learning and challenging myself. Since adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle about a year ago, it’s less and less satisfying to try and eat out.

I don’t keep 100% to the Forks Over Knives guidelines that got me started, but I do a whole lot better when I cook for myself, and know what’s going into my food. It’s more about what I do eat than what I don’t!




4 thoughts on “This Thing is Happening!

  1. ruthrawls says:

    I can feel your excitement coming over the airwaves!

  2. kitwocky says:

    Congrats! I want a piece of that pie – yum.

  3. Sundry says:

    It tastes great, but was a bit runny. I have lots to learn about pie.

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