Sweet Home Away from Home


It’s nice to be remembered!

As you may know, I work my full time job from my home office now. Tonight’s  my writing group meeting, so I drove down to work in Burbank this morning. Because of traffic parking issues, etc., I left home at 5 a.m.  This meant the commute was 45 minutes. Last time I tried this an hour or so later in the day it took nearly two hours.

I spent about ten years driving in early and going to one of several all night diners before starting work at 6:30: Bob’s Big Boy, Andrew’s North Hollywood Diner, The Coral Cafe, Harry’s, even Twain’s every great once in a while.  Also spent some time in a couple of local Starbucks, but the diners really have a special place in my heart. That used to be a kind of clogged part of my heart, so I had to give up the eggs and hash  browns for oatmeal.

Anyway, it was good to see some familiar faces.  E, the server, sat down at my table for about 10 minutes before her shift started at 6:00 and told me about her recent month long trip to the Philippines to visit family. “It was good, but it’s not enough time. You spend time on this island, on that island– ” We talked about traffic, and food. I’ve lost weight since the last time I saw her. How’d I do it?

Caught up a bit with J, another regular, who had a massive stroke not long after we got to know each other long ago and wasn’t supposed to survive it. I remember her shaved head, her scar. You’d never have known it a year later. She must be nearing seventy and she’s still light on her feet and ready with a big smile.

I miss the comfort of pre-dawn diners, I do. But I have to admit I wouldn’t give up my current sixty-foot commute from bedroom to work space without a fight!





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