Tangled Up



My first effort, before I looked at any of the patterns that are out there. Also, it’s done with a fountain pen, rather than the fine line markers I bought this week.

Have you seen this Zentangle thing? It’s a trademarked method for using doodling as meditation. But you can apparently use and share all kinds of patterns that are out there on sites like TanglePatterns.com and in books, etc.



For Christmas, my sister, Pegerty,  gave me a framed page from a Dick, Jane & Sally book, and decorated the matte with this type of design. She’s been doing this stuff on and off since she was a kid, and is really amazing at it.

Isn’t that cool?  Sorry about the flash. It’s a long story.


Second effort. I used some patterns I found in a book and online.

I used to fill up the margins of magazines and newspapers with patterns and I’ve always liked drawing in black ink on white pages. I like these constraints, though. Drawing a square and then carving it up.


Third effort. It gets a little obsessive. I stayed up almost an hour late messing with this last night. Now I see a leetle mistake that I just fixed on the original.

Anyway, at the end of the evening I feel better to have done this than to have played a video game.


6 thoughts on “Tangled Up

  1. kitwocky says:

    Fun! Marley’s into these right now, too. She breaks the “rules” and adds color and does them in animal and other shapes (rather than squares), but she enjoys it. They’re all over the house!

  2. Las Weezas says:

    These are great! I’m glad i don’t know about the video games. I have to deal with a movie addiction. Wow i have so much time available to do creative stuff when i let go of the movie and tv series binge-watching.

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