Valentine’s Day – The Cherub Hit His Mark

DSC_7544My friends C and H asked me to be the photographer for their Valentine’s Day wedding! Yes!

I was a little nervous, never having shot a wedding before, but they follow Any Given Sundry and said they like my style. I took almost 500 shots. Here are some favorites.


Juvenile photo-bomber, part of the assembled friends and family. People came from all over the place to celebrate these two wonderful women.


Just after jumping the broom. Leaving the old life behind, starting a new life together.

DSC_7635The broom, crafted by H.


Silk and sand

DSC_7453I love the way C’s white linen picked up the blue of the ocean.


Goofing around with the officiant after the ceremony.


Oliver had to watch from the car, but he came out to celebrate as soon as possible.

DSC_7369The lovely H, in a quiet moment at home, before the day got started.


I love finding the beautiful things people have in their homes. There are many meditative pieces here.


Oliver lets the humans go ahead and revel the afternoon away while he catches a nap under the table.


At the cutting of the cake.

I guess a person doesn’t really have to worry about not having a photo of such an iconic moment.

In between shooting pictures, Hydra and I had a great time talking with C’s mother, and the rest of the couple’s outgoing friends and family. Good food, good people, perfect weather.

Now it’s up to them! 😀


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