Proof of Life



Or maybe, “It’s alive!”

I couldn’t begin to guess how long it’s been since I opened that jar of yeast. It says it should be used within six months. It also says that you can proof the yeast by adding it to warm water and sugar and waiting ten minutes to see if it rises.

That’s a 1 1/2 cup bowl filled with just 1/4 cup of water,  2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast and a teaspoon of sugar. I’d say the  yeast passed the test with flying colors.

Yay, I didn’t have to run to the market before making the whole wheat bread.

Is this where I admit that I probably ate a slice’s worth of dough by pinching a little off now and again during the 2 1/2 hours I let it rise?

I love the alchemy of baking. A few hours ago there was just flour, almond milk, yeast, water and agave syrup in my house. Now there’s bread!


2 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. I love that aspect of baking as well…one minute you just have a bunch of ingredients then a short time later you have some beautiful bread or a cake to enjoy…so exciting and satisfying!

  2. Sundry says:

    It is! Never ceases to amaze me!

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