Incendiary Writing


Matches and writing prompts.

I recently returned to my habit of writing by candlelight before dawn.

I started this years ago when I was writing a the diary of a fictional character who lived in the early 19th century. I figured it would better connect me to her. I like it, no matter what I’m writing about. My first drafts are almost always written by hand, with a fountain pen.

Candlelight creates a puddle of illumination that helps to blur all those distractions out there. Maybe it’s also a beacon for the muse.

For my birthday, I asked my writing group to give me 5 or more writing prompts. Treacy Colbert gave me these, inscribed in her lovely strong cursive on scraps of recycled paper. Check out her always thought-provoking blog, Life on the Green Side of the Grass.


4 thoughts on “Incendiary Writing

  1. I love the idea of writing by candlelight! Although I confess that for a moment after I saw the photo, I thought you were going to write that you had burned up the prompts!

  2. LKD says:

    When I ask people for prompts they say, ‘Just write’. Therefore, you must know better people! That being said, can you give me a prompt?

    • Sundry says:

      Oh my. That’s like getting the critique, “It’s nice,” when you’re really looking for feedback.

      Here is one of my favorites:
      What she wanted versus what she got.

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