Bloom Boom



I love the happy sun-faces of these gazanias.  There were more of these in our yard when we first moved here than almost anything else.


Peach bud. The warm weather has inspired everything to bloom. It’s awfully early, and there will probably be a freeze between now and fruiting time.


Apricot blossoms. I did not enhance the colors in this, I promise you.


Surprised at how big these African daisies are.  I thought this plant had about worn itself out.


Vinca. Not a lot of blossoms yet, but they make a nice groundcover on one of our slopes.


Looking down at the tops of lavender blossoms. Only one of the three lavenders I planted our first year survives.


Psych!  Fake flowers and fake rooster.

Our rosemary shrubs are just covered in blossoms and the bees are audibly happy about it. I would love to taste rosemary honey!



5 thoughts on “Bloom Boom

  1. Spring has arrived so early this year! Thanks for sharing these lovely blooms.

  2. Randy Myers says:


  3. LasWeezas says:

    Your photography is outstanding. You really have a gift.

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