Sky Sights – Sun Halo and ZigZag Contrail


Hydra called me out to see the sun halo above our back yard in Acton, CA today. Always impressive.  Very large.

My DSLR wouldn’t take the shot and I wasn’t sure how to adjust it to make it happen, so this was taken with my crippled Lumix. No viewfinder, natch. Squint, point and shoot!


It reminded me that I took this shot from the 14 freeway on our way home from Bakersfield last Wednesday (April 1.) Pretty wild contrail or chemtrail, huh?

Can you see the slightly smaller one to the right of the frame?


A slightly earlier view.  There’s probably a very good explanation for this. It’s very near Edward Airforce Base and China Lake, and the experimental airial stuff that’s going on in Palmdale and Mojave.

I have no conspiracy theories to offer, I just like these things.


2 thoughts on “Sky Sights – Sun Halo and ZigZag Contrail

  1. joan says:

    Oh come on!…no conspiracy theories? Really? (hee hee)
    Well anyway…remarkable photos! You seem to get great shots no matter what you use. We’re into tornado weather here…just hoping we don’t see anything worth recording.

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