Going Up? Vintage Otis Birdcage Elevator.


Encountered this lovely old elevator on the grounds of an antiques shop in Littlerock. If our yard and budget were big enough, this would be mine. It would make a great little gazebo.

No, that’s not a creative frame, that’s the lens cover on my damaged Lumix not opening all the way. And since it was so very bright out, I couldn’t see the LED screen well enough to know. (Note to self: always carry the DSLR!)P1020335

Standing inside. Magical. Imagine all the rides people took in this. Feels like a hotel elevator for some reason.  The carpet looked motel-ish.


Back when you needed the elevator operator to allign the cage with the floor!  Patented in 1897!

Here’s a video that shows a similar type of bird cage style elevator in action.  Hydra and I used one like this in a hotel in San Francisco years ago. The hotel is, sadly, no more.

There is also a nice shot of the elevator in the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles, CA in action, starting aroudn 1:20 in this video.


Detail of the Greek key design on the outside.


One thought on “Going Up? Vintage Otis Birdcage Elevator.

  1. joan says:

    You find such interesting things! Thanks also for the links to the past!

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