Apricot Report: Hope is High

DSC_8771Surprisingly, there is a lot of fruit on the tree this year.

I MUST go out today and put bird netting over these low hanging boughs before the squirrels start their theivery. They can have the ones up high.


They’re getting big!

The tree has become a wonderful source of shade over the years since we arrived here. In 2000, it was spindly and damaged. Now it must be 30 feet across!

Apricot tree 2009

The tree in 2009. I have an earlier shot somewhere, but who knows where!?


2 thoughts on “Apricot Report: Hope is High

  1. RuthG says:

    Beautiful! And that’s with watering restrictions, huh?

    • Sundry says:

      Yes…only watering 10 minutes twice a week. Maybe apricots like less? Or maybe it is desperatly trying to reproduce before dying. A very large aleppo pine at the other end of the lot is looking a bit sad these days.

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