My Spice Sage


My friend Barb told me about My Spice Sage a long time ago, and I finally placed an order with them. Prices are good, shipping is free and the choices are off the charts.

It was hard to choose from the vast array of spices and seasonings, but I narrowed it down. Celery seeds and porcini mushrooms, I’ve had before.  I’ll probably use most of the porcinis to make mushroom powder.

I know, right? Never heard of it till I bought a pressure cooker and  Jill Nussinow’s The New Fast FoodHer recipe for vegan mushroom rissoto is wonderful. I’m thinking I’ll make a verision with artichoke hearts and use the artichoke powder in place of the mushroom powder.

The kaffir lime leaves will be made into hot and cold infusions for drinking pleasure!  (They’re not really teas unless they have Camellia sinensis leaves in them. Oh, yeah. I’m that person some days!)

The Kala Namak salt is recommended in several of the vegan cookbooks I have. They usually say it has an eggy taste, but it’s really a mild sulfur flavor. This was my first experience with it. I love it sprinkled on steamed potatoes. The sulfury-ness of it makes me feel like I’m in touch with the basic elements of the earth.

Yeah, food is romantic!


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