SFO So Good


On my way from Los Angeles to Indiana, I flew from Burbank to San Francisco (SFO) and had a couple of hours at the airport. I was so disoriented!  I kept thinking I was supposed to be in Chicago because I usually fly there from LA.

SFO (San Francisco International Airport), at least the parts of it I was in, feels like what an airport should be like. Look at this cool seating in the United terminal. Comfy and inviting, unlike so many airports these days, that seem to only begrudgingly offer seating.


Love these hanging lamps!


Some public art. These discs are under heavy acrylic. They spin and change color, and you can stand on them while they do.


Art pottery in a case on the concourse. There were lots of pieces of art and historic pieces on display. What a great use of the space!


I saw this from behind when I was on the moving walkway. I thought from the shape and the wood that it was an old Gibson, and I was right!  So thrilled I had to take a cell phone photo and send it to Hydra. After 17 years in Songmakers, I’m becoming a gear head.  It’s an early electric guitar.

Kudos to the designers of SFO. I have avoided it for years because of the fog issues, but it was a very nice part of my travel experience.


One thought on “SFO So Good

  1. kitty says:

    Finding fun where ever you go….and sharing it. thanks!

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