Saturday Night Live


Arrived in Indiana in the morning, and we were singing on my sister’s back porch in the evening!  Pegerty and family friend DHeart.

DSCN0104My nephew, DBeans, making us all teary with “Ashokan Farewell” followed up by “Danny Boy,” on the penny whistle. He’s a great guitar player and wonderful to harmonize with. Lots of funny songs, too.


Bott takes another great harmonica break!


DBeans’ BFF ShelLop and her two sweet littles.


ILop…rhymes with IHop. Makes lots of sense. See my drum brushes in his hand?  He tapped out the beat with skill!

DSCN0094Kitty taking it all in. Singing along. My high school pal Jazz came by, too, but we didn’t get a good shot of us.

Wonderful welcome home! 


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live

  1. jazz6179 says:

    I had so much fun!

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