Stormy Weather


That big, slowly rotating eye in the sky makes Skinner”s farm look pretty vulnerable!  From the back yard of the homestead in Indiana. I watched a lot of storms roll in from this back yard.  The buildings on the left are where my grandmother’s house was.


The gathering storm from beneath the cottonless cottonwood. The electric lines were all lit up against the sky.


Yes, I lay down in the grass in the corner of the yard to take this.


While I was down there, I also aimed at the magnificent cottonless cottonwood. This tree inspires love and awe. It was planted when I was eight or nine, I think, and was run over by the lawn mower in its infancy. Tree:1, Brother: 0.


Yes, I lay down in the middle of the road to take this. Because I can out here in the boonies, that’s why!


My sister, Pegerty, braving the winds with me. Mom called us in right after this.

A few minutes later we watched from the sliding glass doors as a wall of rain marched across the fields toward us, kicking up dust as it came. Thrilling!


4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. DeeAnna says:

    That was a pretty impressive bluff wasn’t it? I thought we were in for it.

  2. Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray

  3. kitty says:


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