Eggstraordinary Measures in the Hoosier State


I’ll bet you can come up with a better poultry punning headline than I did, and I’d love to hear it.

I’ll admit it. At first this headline from June 8 seemed pretty funny to me. But then I read further, and discovered that due to an avian flue scare, 4-Hers won’t be able to show their chickens at fairs this summer. This is almost as bad as the awful 1980 Summer Olympics ban. I mean it…These kids work hard to prep for the fair.

Since a lot of the scoring is done based on showmanship, competitors at the Elkhart 4-H Fair can use stuffed toy chickens as stand-ins for their poultry. As serious as this national avian health issue is, I can’t help thinking that watching a bunch of kids go through their moves with toy chickens will be a funny and special moment. Something they and the audience will remember for a long time.

The year we danced with plush chickens!  I almost want to buy one in solidarity. It would be a great fundraising opportunity. I think this “Buffy the Chicken” doll is the one they’ll be using. (But this isn’t a fundraising effort, so I’m not suggesting that you buy one.)

Go ahead, visualize it!


A couple of days later it’s reported that the Whitley County 4-H Fair chicken competition will be based on photos of the entrants’ birds. Not quite as much fun.

(P.S. Pig wrestling is not against city ordinance. Wow. This I don’t like.)


Meanwhile, farm fresh eggs still roll in from the safety of ARich’s flock.

DSCN0134The ducks of Bug Island are just glad they’re not part of the kerfuffle.


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