Toast and Jam – Eating Chicago

DSCN0229KFlight was already in town when Kitty, Pegerty and I drove in. We picked her up at this cafe called Toast.

DSCN0232Drove to our Logan Square neighborhood and immediately stopped in for coffee at Jam. Good place to wait out the downpour until our noon check-in time. They gave us mini-brownies while they prepared our order of cups of soup and a pastry to share.  Very nice about letting us split and sample things.

2015-06-12 Chicago Diner

I am so excited about this veggie diner that I don’t know which way is up!

We had a late lunch (around 3:30)  at the truly amazing Chicago Diner whose slogan is “Meat Free Since ’83.”  Kitty is pretending to be sad about the meatlessness  of the meal. (Photo by KFlight.)

I don’t usually go in for fake meats, but I had the vegan rueben with a side of balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts and it was fabulous. We shared that, the spicy Thai Basil Stir Fry and the Portobello Truffle Melt with sweet potato fries between the four of us.


We took the El to Margie’s Candies around 8:30 at night for our supper. No food for us, just ice cream. (Not on my plan, but this was the exception to make!)  We really hit it right. Walked in and were seated almost immediately. Very cramped little place. When we left there was a line out the door.


They’ve been around since 1921, and they know how to scoop. Delicious hot fudge is served on the side. We sampled coconut, mint chocolate chip, coffee, strawberry, vanilla and…another one I’m sure!  It’s all lost in a sugar haze!

DSCN0329Started out Saturday with coffee and pastries from Metropolis Coffee Company. KFlight and I went out and picked up the goodies and brought them back to the apartment for a quickie breakfast before we set off into the city.  Good coffee, friendly and spacious shop.


We met up with Chicago poet Ruth Goring for a ride on the Navy Pier Ferris wheel (more on that later!) and she led us to Cafe Iberico, a wondrous tapas restaurant. Spicy potatoes in the foreground. Ham wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates in the background (not for me!).  We also shared mushrooms, smoked salmon and Tostadas de Pisto…sort of a Spanish ratatouille on toast points. Delicious and fun. Plenty to share amongst five people.


Yeah, we had to track down some Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was deep and wide at Art of Pizza. Not much atmosphere at this place, but it was hopping with dine-in patrons and lots of carryout. It was interesting to take the bus there and back in the evening on Saturday.


KFlight had to leave very early on Sunday morning.  Pegerty, Kitty and I went back to Jam and tried their custard French Toast and some potatoes, etc.  Another great experience at that restaurant. Very loud, but also very friendly.

We ended up the weekend at the Logan Square Farmers Market where we selected breads, cheeses, spiced tofu, etc. to take back to Indiana with us. The rain had just stopped, but the vendors were out and happy to share their wares.


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