Stuff You Might See at The British Museum


Entering the impressive British Museum. So much to see, so little time!

DSC_9107Love these reprsentations of Bes, a diety who fiercely defended mothers and children in the 1st Century BC or AD in Egypt.

We focused on Ancient Egypt.


I was particularly on the look out for bird imagery this time around. Found a lot. As much as I missed Dodger, I could kind of relate to this. This guy has probably told his parrot to get out of the palm tree five dozen times today.

DSC_9140Darling little Badarian hippo figure.


This was maybe an inch and a half high. Such detail!

DSC_9160Cool cats.


DSC_9129Lady Layard’s necklace, made from Egyptian seals around 1869. Yeah. I would wear that.