This Flea Followed Us Home

DSCN0980I vastly prefer solid color vintage Pyrex, but I found this one at the Long Beach flea market yesterday for $10.00 and I had to bring it home. Darling Dodger, our parrot, pushed the lid off of the counter about a year ago and the tile floor won that little contest. I saw others that had chipped lids going for $11-15, so this one in great condition was a bargain. I have a set of these, and they’re wonderful for storing and reheating food.  Love them.

This is one of the more palatable designs.  There’s also a green olive one that’s not bad and an orange and yellow flower one. But the mushrooms?  Not for me!


Wee succulant that will be properly repotted. Just taking a rest in a ramekin till I get around to transplanting. $3.00 from the grower.


I have always wanted a telephone chair like this!  It’ll be fun to change out the vinyl seat cover and refresh the veneer. What do you think?  Good deal at $30.00?  I am happy with it.

We left it in the car for a while in 100 degree temps and some of the veneer popped loose, but I’m gluing it back on.  It’s a little rough, so I might paint it.

Also bought a pair of padded drumsticks for $5.00. I’ve been looking for some to use on my cajon. Will probably add some fabric to them.


6 thoughts on “This Flea Followed Us Home

  1. Wonderful finds! I love the telephone chair!

  2. kitty says:

    You had a very fruitful flea experience! It makes so much better sense to store food in something that will go right into the microwave! And the telephone table is adorable! how fun

  3. Las Weezas says:

    I love that pyrex stuff too. I finally can bake fish and make it come out great now that i have one of these type pyrex dishes bought from the historical estate sale the Harmonistas visited near Fillmore.

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