Go Outside!


First harvest of my Paul Robeson tomatoes.  I love this variety. Paul Robeson was a hero of mine from the first time I heard of him when I was in high school.  He stood up for his beliefs and his career suffered for it. The tomatoes can take the heat just like he did.


Juliet grape tomatoes.  Coy but delicious!


The mint likes its home in the old whiskey barrel.


Luckily, we were outside when the neighbor kid– he was twelve when they moved in next door, so he must be (gasp!) twenty-seven now!–found a snake in his back yard. He said they freak him out, but he doesn’t have the heart to kill anything, so Hydra went over and snagged this beauty with a rake and dropped her into our yard.  Here, she’s beating a hasty retreat into the rosemary.

Found out from Jonathan N. of the Devils Punchbowl that this is a gopher snake. They eat ground squirrels and other small rodents…always welcome in our yard.


A butterfly popped out of the rosemary, startling the guys.  It must have just emerged from its crysalis as its wings were heavy and damp seeming.  I hope she found a good place to hang to dry. We didn’t want to mess with her. I read later online that it takes up to six hours for their wings to harden and dry.

2 thoughts on “Go Outside!

  1. kitty says:

    Oh boy I love this blog. First of all…why am I (almost) remembering Paul Robeson?? Why, again, is he important to you? And the coy Juliet grape tomatoes…perfect word for and picture of the little darlings. Then a lovely little snake to share your garden … and the bonus of the emerging butterfly… Yes! Spend some time outdoors.

  2. Sundry says:

    Kitty, I went back in and added a link to a Paul Robeson biography. He’s a hero not only because he was an amazing singer/actor/athlete, but even more because he stood up for civil rights and trade unions in the 1930s…and was blacklisted for it.

    Also found out that the snake is a gopher snake. Pretty common. Helpful in dealing with the ground squirrel population boom!

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