The Way It Was on Sunday


Went to the shore just south of San Buenaventura State Beach on Sunday to spend some time with myself.

Watching this guy paddle by reminded me of the days when Hydra and I did a little ocean kayaking.  Makes me wistful for gliding over water.


Looking south from where I sat on my little blanket, with carryout coffee, orange juice and a bagel.


Looking to the sea, past the breakwater.


Looking north from atop the breakwater.  See the drifts of rounded stones along the strand?


Trying for a different perspective.  Looking back to shore from the water. It takes a tiny bit of courage to stand with your back to the rolling ocean.

This is when the cuffs of my shorts got wet. Seems no matter what length of pants I have on when I go to the beach, I tempt the fates and get them wet.


Looking down, where the waves slowly work to turn a rock like this into sand like that.


4 thoughts on “The Way It Was on Sunday

  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a lovely, contemplative time.

  2. kitty says:

    How refreshing! Thanks for taking us along on your private outing…and we were very quiet and didn’t distract you, did we? It’s all too easy to forget the sea is still out there when you live in the middle of nowhere-land. Love this!

  3. LasWeezas says:

    How cool are you !? You always find neat stuff to do.

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