Roadrunner Run-In

Great shot of a juvenile roadrunner by Bill Hubick of

Hydra and I saw the strangest pair of little birds just off the fire road on our morning hike today.  Very small, but somehow they ran like roadrunners.

“What are those little birds?” I asked, “And why are they doing a roadrunner immitation?”

Then they stopped and looked around and flipped their tails around just like grown-up roadrunners do, but without the crest on the back of the head rising.  Babies!

We watched them for a little bit, but didn’t have a good camera with us. I found this shot online and the photographer, Bill Hubick, was kind enough to give me permission to use it. (Thanks, Bill!)  There are a lot of great bird photos on his site. You should check them out.

Here’s a shot I took a while ago of an adult roadrunner actually running.

And another adult on our back deck.


One thought on “Roadrunner Run-In

  1. kitty says:

    Hey, how fun to even see a roadrunner…and then 2 babies…even better!

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