Cue the Music


How cute is Heska’s Sugar Shack in Mentone, CA? This was a big Yelp win. We wanted to find an interesting place to meet up with Weezie and her pal Trish for lunch on our way to Camp De Benneville Pines for their Music in the Mountains weekend. Said no to the chain restaurants and gave this a try.


Also cute inside. We chose from several rooms in the converted house. The decor is homey and we spotted a guitar and conga drum by the fireplace. It turns out the place is named for one of the owners, Heska, and her husband who used to work at a music venue in L.A. when he was too young to be in the bar.  We had a great time talking with them, and sat down to sing three songs with them before we moved on.  Really nice people.  Great way to start our adventure!


The first thing we did was make nametags out of cardboard, string, stickers, glitter, etc. I didn’t know any of these people when I took the photo. Now I know Marshal, Barbara, Christina, Annie and Susan!


Nice work, Annie!


Connecting with my beautiful friend, Julia!


We registered early enough that we scored a room in Craig’s Cabin, near the action. Double bed bunk…all the warmer! Very cozy cabin with 7 or 8 rooms, a kitchen, a living room and three full baths.


The view from the door. Heaven!


As soon as we got settled in, we went back to the lodge to play music.  Andrea (not pictured) wasted no time in using Hydra for a music stand. 😀

Yummy vegan-friendly soup supper, music till midnight.  Oh, yes!  Good start to the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Cue the Music

  1. LasWeezas says:

    Fun time. Great time. Thanks for sharing it Sal. Hasta soon.

  2. You have the most wonderful musical adventures, Sally!

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