The Morning and the Evening Were the Second Day


Morning found us in a Music Improv class with the amazing Tracy Newman, pictured at right.  Here some of us sang about what the room looked like. The exerises were all challenging and fun, and we could have played on for hours. There were 8 workshops to choose from on Saturday. Hard to pick and none disappointed.


Janice found her place in the spotlight. 😀


Weezie led a Sixties Song Circle in the afternoon.  Dancing broke out. She and Mary looked good!


Tracy opened the show with a trio of songs.  Click to see the videos Hdyra made of “Before I Die,” “I Just See You,” and  “Mama, I Know You Ain’t Santa.” Great stuff!  I’m a fangirl, yeah.

Now, go to her website and buy her CDs.  They will make you happy.


The concert was an amazing show of talent.  All kinds of music from folk, to rock, to ballads, to jazz and back again. Just one more example of the talent in the room, Karl Lisovsky (who so kindly invited The Harmonistas to do some back up vocals on his CD!)


4 thoughts on “The Morning and the Evening Were the Second Day

  1. LasWeezas says:

    What a great bunch of pics. Janice will love that ! So “her.”

  2. Looks like having this much fun might be illegal ;-).

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