Back to the Drawing Board


So, I’ve been very inspired by Danny Gregory’s book, Art Before Breakfast. One of the things he suggests is dividing a sketch book page into smaller units and drawing in those.

I love doing these tiny drawings. They are quick and if I mess up, well, whatever!  This is my first set of small drawings.  The sketchbook is 5 X 7.

I’m about to finish a second page of small drawings, in which I sometimes took my sketchbook with me out into the world. It’s a lot easier to capture a little bitty scene than to try to fill a full page.



4 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. This is so neat, I love the concept. It really does encourage a person to play rather than fret about creating a full page masterpiece. Great job!

  2. Las Weezas says:

    What a talent ! Yr amazing. These are so appealing and satisfying.

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