Go Set a Watchbird – Robin vs. Christmasberry


Dodger alerted me to this busy robin who came to gobble up our Christmasberries.  These were taken through a screen, so they’re clearer than I had any reason to hope they’d be! (This is from my office/studio window, and the bush is about six feet from my chair!)

For oh so many years, I’ve called these shrubs, which came up as volunteers, pyracantha (or firethorn), but I think they are actually Christmasberry bushes (aka toyon or heteromeles) because of the flowers described on the pyracantha and because toyon seems perfectly suited to our climate.




Quite a stretch!



Dodger, watching the action. No kidding, he said, “Little bird lookin’ at!”


4 thoughts on “Go Set a Watchbird – Robin vs. Christmasberry

  1. A very special visitor. Gorgeous photos!

  2. kitty says:

    You must be just thrilled. What a wonderful set of pictures …and through a screen yet! If I hadn’t often heard Dodger say something exactly suited to the occasion it would be hard to believe he really said that. But I have, and do! He is amazing…good little watchbird!

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