Year of the Roadrunner

Hydra called me to the window… What the heck is this big fluffy bird in the back yard?  She just sat there in the sun looking around.

Her tail was down and she was 3 times her usual size, so it took me a little bit to guess that she was a roadrunner.  I Googled “fluffed up roadrunner” and yep, that’s what she is!

When it’s cold out, they’ll fluff up to warm up. So happy that she’s comfortable enough to relax in our back yard for so long. After a bit she straightened up and looked more like herself and tip-toed slowly out of view.

We always feel it’s a sign of good fortune when we see a roadrunner, but to have one visit fairly regularly…well, we’re looking forward to a very good year!


5 thoughts on “Year of the Roadrunner

  1. kitty says:

    Wow…you guys have the neatest things going on in your yard!

  2. joan egert says:

    Lucky to see that!!

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