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Click on a photo to enter the gallery with captions for each shot.

Kitty and I visited MOAH (Museum of Art & History) in Lancaster, CA yesterday.  What a gem of a museum this is.

The current exhibition, Vanity, is up through January 24.  All the artists’ work was amazing, but we were most taken by Laura Larson’s Grace and Glory busts of “historical (mythical) women who hav shown grace under pressure and who have been bestowed or sought glory for their actions.” It is amazing to walk around these pieces and discover all the detail.

We also especially liked Leigh Salgado‘s hand cut paper works. They just keep revealing more and more as you spend time with them. The play of color and shadow… Sigh.

You can see examples of all the exhibits on view right now at MOAH by clicking here: MOAH Exhibits 12/14/2015-1/24/2016.

The shots of yours truly in an orange sponge wig are courtesy of Austin Young‘s TBD The Musical and the costumes, etc. he put into the interactive room on the second floor.  We saw lots of other people in there trying on wigs and costume pieces, mostly in their twenties.  Nice to see the museum getting so much use on a random Saturday afternoon.

After the museum, we wandered up and down Lancaster Boulevard, which has lots of interesting little one-off shops. Stopped in at the new coffee bar in the lobby of  BLVD Cinemas (think reclining leather seats at Antelope Valley prices!)  Had a nice chat with Chris the barrista and sat in the reading room with our espresso and coffee.

Pretty great day, and just 20 minutes from our house.  Wow!





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