Pretty Porto’s


The big day isn’t until tomorrow, but we were in the vicinity of Porto’s Burbank to pic up the car from the shop today and, well… The celebration started at lunch.  We thought nothing could be better than the Pina Colada cake  on the right, but the Mango Mousse cake’s tart/sweet combo won us over.  Perfection!


Kitty and me, enjoying the metropolitan feel of the bustling Porto’s lunch crowd.  Feels like a little bit of Manhattan somehow.  It’s amazing how they handle so many people coming for pick up and dine-in, sandwiches, salads, amazing baked goods.

Brought home dulce de leche and raspberry kisses and a guava strudel.  Mmmmm.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Porto’s

  1. joan egert says:

    My, my, what a sweet celebration!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE Porto’s!

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