Waiting for El Niño


Click on the images for individual captions.

You can see signs of preparation for El Niño all around Southern California.  They’ve put new K rails along the sides of the freeways where rocks are likely to fall from cutaway hills. You can pick up empty sandbags at fire stations, and our HOA bought a pile of sand for us to fill them with.  Local cities are providing sand for their residents, too.

Our HOA also re-graded the fire road around our neighborhood so that it angles water away from our homes, and added fill dirt to places that were starting to erode. Unfortunately, it looks like the first couple of rains washed away a lot of the fill dirt.  There are some little channels out there that look like they could spell trouble.


Our personal effort to avoid complications involved having this wall built to stall further erosion of the slope between our house and our upslope neighbor.  Fingers crossed that it does the trick!



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