Creative Check-in


Back to my spooky writing habit.  Writing by candle light early in the morning. Actually, I’ve been back at this fairly steadily for a few months, but thanks to a lot of converging circumstances, I feel I’ve recovered my writing mojo.  It’s that feeling of lift-off when writing that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Hydra gave me the brass Ganesh statuette that glows in the lower right corner of this shot for Christmas.  Ganesh is a hindu diety who is said to oversee wisdom and learning. He is known as the remover (and sometimes placer!) of obstacles. I have been interested in Ganesh for a while, and this sleek modern version is just wonderful to hold in my hands while I think about perceived obstacles to my forward motion.

I have a lot of taper candles from Trader Joe’s waiting in the pantry. My sister, Pegerty, sent me some lovely tinted tapers for my birthday and I decided to use one at a time to remind me that she’s always supportive of my creative life.

I worked through The Artist’s Way with my friend JayP at the close of 2015 and we’re continuing with Finding Water this year. The Artist’s Way launched me on a positive creative journey a long time ago, and it’s working again.  It’s a very different, and rewarding experience to do it with a friend, and especially interesting to do it with a person who is primarily an artist rather than a writer.

Have to count myself incredibly lucky to have such talented writers, artists and musicians in my life.  My writing group, The Harmonistas, Songmakers, etc. keep me going.  I guess I believe in community!

I hope your creative lives are rich!  If you’re feeling a lack, reach out to someone who’s doing what you want to do. People are amazingly helpful when they have a chance.



5 thoughts on “Creative Check-in

  1. Las weezas says:

    Very beautiful candle setting

  2. Awed and inspired by your many creative gifts, Sally. And you are always so generous in sharing them!

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