Springing Forward


I may have gotten a little excited about the spring weather. Some years we go almost directly from winter to summer. This year has been lovely.

We made a special trip to Sego Nursery in North Hollywood yesterday for 5 tomato plants (3 Juliet grape, 1 Cherokee Purple, 1 yellow Kellogg’s Breakfast), a Gypsy pepper, 2 Thai basil, Italian oregano, English thyme, a succulent,  and the pink geraniums. Picked up 3 purple potato vines, star jasmine, and another odd little succulent on our way home from music this afternoon.

With all the light in the evenings I should be able to plant after work this week.

Sharpie Art Start


I am planning a large Sharpie project. Decided to do a practice run on this kitchen plug plate. Figured I could easily replace it if it turned out badly.

Tip: You can try the colors out on the back of the plate. I tried a Sharpie paint pen, but basic permanent markers worked better.

Also, the colors will pick up the black ink on this surface, so you have to be careful. I wonder if letting the black cure for a while would solve that issue.


A friend suggested this! Fun.

Windfall Oranges


Here’s a cool way to share oranges. Kathy & Ron brought several 5 gallon buckets of oranges to the concert to give away. They were blown off of their trees and are sooo ripe.

I’m following my friend Renata’s lead here. You cut the peel from the whole orange and then slice them and place them on a plate or in a container.

I’m taking these to my writing group this afternoon. Yum!

Color Play


Playing with color in my sketches.  I have mixed feelings about using color.  I like basic pen sketches a lot, but you get so much more subtlety with color, or by using a pencil. The sheen of the metallic blue tumbler in the upper left is so much more subtle than in the drawing of the Ganesha statuette two panels below it, which I didn’t think I was going to use color on.

These are really tiny drawings in a 5×7 sketchpad. I like the constrictions of these small places. While these are mostly objects in my home, these little drawings are fun to do while out and about.


Full page drawing of a little wine stopper I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. The original is more charming.  Should have relied on the colored pencils more!


I walked around the Pomona College campus a couple of weeks ago before a Harmonistas concert.  Then sat in a little park next to this house and thought I’d try something different. I would love to see the inside of this house.  All those windows, the dormer and the big front porch make me think I would love to live here.


Sundry and the Rather Blustery Day


Snow was falling on the mountains across the valley, in the Angeles National Forest as we took off for a run into Lancaster.


The Antelope Valley was stunning from the vantage point of the 14 North.


On the way back, the weather front moving in. Taken from the 14 south at the western edge of Palmdale. That ridge is deformation caused by the San Andreas Fault.


As we hit the pass, snow mixed in with the rain!


And it had an immediate impact. The guy in the black truck was out, on his cell phone, helping the woman in the spun out vehicle by the time we passed. I love people sometimes.


Sunny skies at our place. That’s our community to the left of the hill. Snow just a couple of miles away, to the right, on the other side of the 14 from us.  One of the great things about living in the foothills is getting these views of the weather as it moves around us.