Springing Forward


I may have gotten a little excited about the spring weather. Some years we go almost directly from winter to summer. This year has been lovely.

We made a special trip to Sego Nursery in North Hollywood yesterday for 5 tomato plants (3 Juliet grape, 1 Cherokee Purple, 1 yellow Kellogg’s Breakfast), a Gypsy pepper, 2 Thai basil, Italian oregano, English thyme, a succulent,  and the pink geraniums. Picked up 3 purple potato vines, star jasmine, and another odd little succulent on our way home from music this afternoon.

With all the light in the evenings I should be able to plant after work this week.


4 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. Which one is the gypsy pepper? I’ve never heard of it before, does it produce mild or hot peppers?


    • Sundry says:

      It says on the label “frying pepper,” so I figured for some reason it would not be too hot. I found notes online saying that it’s a mild pepper, smaller than a bell and more tapered. We have such intense heat in our yard in the summers, that I go with small to medium tomatoes and I’m trying the same approach with peppers this year!

  2. LasWeezas says:

    One of my all time favorite things to eat is a home grown Tomato sandwich with a good bread, real Mayo and salt. Heaven !

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