The Apricots Have Landed

Homegrown organic apricots and organic blueberries for breakfast this morning. ¬†Our apricot tree doesn’t always produce due to the vagaries of weather here at 3100 feet on the cusp of the Mojave Desert, but when it does, it’s heaven!

The apricot tree was small and struggling, with a lot of bark damage when we moved in almost 16 years ago, but now it’s a lovely shade tree and this year I figured out how to stay ahead of the squirrels and we have a nice harvest.

I went out just about every day for the past couple of weeks and pulled off the fruit that would come loose in my hand pretty easily and finished ripening in boxes in the house. On Sunday I saw that the squirrels had had a bit of a party in the yard, so I got out the step ladder and picked everything I could reach. I dropped the fruit that was bird-damaged onto the lawn and let the squirrels and rabbits take them. They did!

Hope you have a good gardening season!


Apricot Report: Hope is High

DSC_8771Surprisingly, there is a lot of fruit on the tree this year.

I MUST go out today and put bird netting over these low hanging boughs before the squirrels start their theivery. They can have the ones up high.


They’re getting big!

The tree has become a wonderful source of shade over the years since we arrived here. In 2000, it was spindly and damaged. Now it must be 30 feet across!

Apricot tree 2009

The tree in 2009. I have an earlier shot somewhere, but who knows where!?