Flowering Sun Tea


In case you were wondering, you can make sun tea using a flowering tea ball.


It unfolded over a much longer period of time that it would have in a pot of hot water, of course. But it was worth waiting for.


I started it in the window yesterday, and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

I’m trying to use up most of my tea before I buy any more.  It will probably be 2016 before I work my way through all the yummy stuff in my pantry.


Rose Hippy Hippy Shake

It’s clear that I haven’t been deadheading the roses like I should, or I wouldn’t have a little bowl full of rose hips to make into tea.  I checked online to make sure you can use any kind of rose hips before making tea of these.

Apparently, rose hips are a good source of vitamin C for those who aren’t around other sources.  Also pectin, which is used in making jelly actually gel.   People even make wine from them… but then, people will make wine out of just about anything.

Kitty and I took our rose hip tea at the table on the deck.  As you can see, it was very pale and not too flavorful.  If you asked me right now, I’d have to say it tastes like hot honey water with a little itty bit of tang.

Teas the Season

When Jens Attacks!

We packed up our gifts for the office gift exchange and headed for The T Room in Monrovia for our Christmas lunch on Wednesday.  It was a really nice day for it : sunny and chilly.

Jens drove the car I was in and treated us to an impromptu tour of some of the lesser traveled byways of Monrovia on our way.   Funny how one wrong turn can do that.  Two is even more fun!

We arrived safe and sound, and the ladies who run The T Room fixed us a lovely lunch of little sandwiches and scones and cookies.  The tea and sandwiches were great.  I’d like smaller scones, and ones that didn’t seem to have been refrigerated.

When Jens Attacks II : This Time It’s Personal!

This year we all bought random gifts under $10.00 to exchange and we weren’t sure how to go about passing them out.  I asked one of the tea ladies to do it for us.  She seemed really happy to do it and it was kind of fun to have it done by someone else.  We also received gift cards from the company.

It was really good to go out to lunch with everyone from work.   We were partially laid off–working 3 days a week–for several months this year.  It was very fragmenting.  Now I work from home 2 days most weeks and Mamalisa has been working from home almost all the time since then.  We used to go out to lunch for everyone’s lunch and give each other gift cards that we all contributed to.  We missed so many we decided to just go a full cycle without doing it this year.  I miss the lunches more than the gift cards, honestly.

It was really good to go out and celebrate together.  I do like these women, most of whom weren’t really that wild about getting their pictures taken, so I won’t put them up.   The office is going to be open during the holidays, but most of us will be off from December 19th-January 4th, since most of the production companies are on hiatus at the same time.

Yay, winter holidays!

Blooming Tea – Tuesday 4/7/2009

I bought a couple of blooming teas a while back, and finally got around to trying one of them. See? It starts out as a little bundle of tea leaves all tied up in a ball.

It’s about an inch in diameter.

You add water that’s not quite boiling and watch it start to unfold and slowly sink.

View from above.

Almost unfurled.

Hmm. Interesting. It’s not as brightly colored as the picture on the jar it came out of led me to believe. Kind of a neat thing, partly to see the full tea leaves.

Flavor : minimal. I kind of wonder if these things don’t sit in the shop for a long time, since they’re $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. Of course, I went for the deal and did the two-fer, and I’ll give the other one a go.

p.s. It looks really disgusting when you take it out of the water. Like…on a level with road kill that has been knocked into a water-filled ditch and then retrieved. Don’t look!

Across Town – Monday 2/23/3009

The other building at the corner of Hollywood & Highland. It has gargoyles.

I have to make a special trip to get good shots of those. Maybe with the right lens, from the balcony of the shopping mall across the street. These photos were all taken with my Samsung cell phone camera.

The Academy Awards show was done about a half a block from here last night.

Barrels of olives at Monsieur Marcel, Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax.

Samples of the teas I bought at the tea shop in the Farmer’s Market, on Braveheart’s windowsill. I’m leaving them for The Doc to try. A Keemun, a Yunnan and a Lapsong Suchong.

Hanging out in the kitchen while Braveheart takes The Doc to the airport under sad circumstances. After years of staying here after our bi-weekly writer’s group meetings, I am very comfortable.

As you can see.

Tea and Saturdays – Saturday 1/31/2009

I do love a pot of tea on a weekend morning.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s loose Chai is one of my favorites. There are lots of recognizable bits of spice in it, like whole green cardamom and anise seeds. I usually use two teaspoons of this and one of CB&TL’s English Breakfast tea in my three-cup pot because I like a strong tea-ish brew.

Perfect companion to my Chapter 2 lessons in using Elements 7.

Figs and Tea – Friday 8/29/2008

I told my friend Toronto that along with not having to deal with holiday weekend traffic, an advantage of working at home today is that I feasted on figs and tea.

Her response?: “Where are you, Casablanca?”

Now that would make the day perfect. My ceiling fan was made of painted white plywood rather than reeds and I opted for air conditioning against the heat.

But the figs, oh my dears, the figs. Perfection in a fruit. What more does one need? It’s all I ate all day.

How is it that I was unaware of the fresh fig until I was 35 years old and my brother had a tree in his Echo Park yard?

A newton is nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing, this fruit that feeds wasps and reveals secrets rivaling the most sparkling geode.

Figs and Russian Samovar tea that my mother sent me in the mail from exotic northern Indiana. Today I had a happy palate.