The top, which will extend above the counter.

We use a 3 1/2 foot length of 1×2 threaded through our kitchen drawers to keep Dodger from opening them. Today I needed to rest and not run around.


The weird middle.

Decided that if we have to have this in the kitchen, it should be colorful at least.


The fanciful middle.

I’m a little obsessed with narrow lines.


The reversible bottom.

This and laundry help me feel that this restful day wasn’t a wash.

Sharpie Art Start


I am planning a large Sharpie project. Decided to do a practice run on this kitchen plug plate. Figured I could easily replace it if it turned out badly.

Tip: You can try the colors out on the back of the plate. I tried a Sharpie paint pen, but basic permanent markers worked better.

Also, the colors will pick up the black ink on this surface, so you have to be careful. I wonder if letting the black cure for a while would solve that issue.


A friend suggested this! Fun.

Color Play


Playing with color in my sketches.  I have mixed feelings about using color.  I like basic pen sketches a lot, but you get so much more subtlety with color, or by using a pencil. The sheen of the metallic blue tumbler in the upper left is so much more subtle than in the drawing of the Ganesha statuette two panels below it, which I didn’t think I was going to use color on.

These are really tiny drawings in a 5×7 sketchpad. I like the constrictions of these small places. While these are mostly objects in my home, these little drawings are fun to do while out and about.


Full page drawing of a little wine stopper I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. The original is more charming.  Should have relied on the colored pencils more!


I walked around the Pomona College campus a couple of weeks ago before a Harmonistas concert.  Then sat in a little park next to this house and thought I’d try something different. I would love to see the inside of this house.  All those windows, the dormer and the big front porch make me think I would love to live here.


More MOAH More

Click on a photo to enter the gallery with captions for each shot.

Kitty and I visited MOAH (Museum of Art & History) in Lancaster, CA yesterday.  What a gem of a museum this is.

The current exhibition, Vanity, is up through January 24.  All the artists’ work was amazing, but we were most taken by Laura Larson’s Grace and Glory busts of “historical (mythical) women who hav shown grace under pressure and who have been bestowed or sought glory for their actions.” It is amazing to walk around these pieces and discover all the detail.

We also especially liked Leigh Salgado‘s hand cut paper works. They just keep revealing more and more as you spend time with them. The play of color and shadow… Sigh.

You can see examples of all the exhibits on view right now at MOAH by clicking here: MOAH Exhibits 12/14/2015-1/24/2016.

The shots of yours truly in an orange sponge wig are courtesy of Austin Young‘s TBD The Musical and the costumes, etc. he put into the interactive room on the second floor.  We saw lots of other people in there trying on wigs and costume pieces, mostly in their twenties.  Nice to see the museum getting so much use on a random Saturday afternoon.

After the museum, we wandered up and down Lancaster Boulevard, which has lots of interesting little one-off shops. Stopped in at the new coffee bar in the lobby of  BLVD Cinemas (think reclining leather seats at Antelope Valley prices!)  Had a nice chat with Chris the barrista and sat in the reading room with our espresso and coffee.

Pretty great day, and just 20 minutes from our house.  Wow!





In a Green Mood

I decided that I get to invest the money I make from The Harmonistas gigs in music and art, classes, supplies…feeding creativity. It made our little shopping spree at Linda Szitkar’s studio sale yesterday even more fun!

Linda uses a variety of colors, but I guess I was in a green mood!  I’ve been admiring her work online for months, and it was thrilling to get my hands on some!

There are captions on the photos if you care to click on them!

Back to the Drawing Board


So, I’ve been very inspired by Danny Gregory’s book, Art Before Breakfast. One of the things he suggests is dividing a sketch book page into smaller units and drawing in those.

I love doing these tiny drawings. They are quick and if I mess up, well, whatever!  This is my first set of small drawings.  The sketchbook is 5 X 7.

I’m about to finish a second page of small drawings, in which I sometimes took my sketchbook with me out into the world. It’s a lot easier to capture a little bitty scene than to try to fill a full page.


Being With Brian


I needed to spend some time with my brother, Brian, this morning. He gave me a few key pieces of insight that I still draw upon from time to time. Since I can’t call him anymore, I drew this.

It’s from a photo he posted on Facebook a while back. A day in the early 70s (I’m guessing) when he felt good enough about himself to step into a photo booth. That’s what it took to get a selfie back then.

So glad he did.

It’s times like these when I wish I were better at drawing, but I think I did get close to his Mona Lisa smile. And the point really was to be with him for a while.

Art Before Breakfast – Danny Gregory

wpid-20151113_081608.jpgHaving fun with Danny Gregory’s book Art Before Breakfast in which he gives daily 15-minute sketching assignments.

This was a two-day project. The first day I sketched just the outlines in my medicine cabinet. The second day I filled in details. You can probably see that I got a little better as I worked from the top to the bottom. Decided not to confuse things by shading in the background on the bottom shelves…and was running out of time.

Hmm.  Timed writing and timed drawing. Giving myself a time limit seems to help me get out of my own way.  I’d forgotten that!

Really fun book. It makes sketching a scene a lot more accessible already.