Walking London


I took a break in Russell Square on Wednesday afternoon.  Just a quiet little park a block or so from our hotel and another block or so from The British Museum. This is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip. Kids just having fun.

DSC_9190On Tony’s recommendation, we took a walk along the Southbank side of the Thames.  I guess there’s a Queen’s Walk, which we took parts of on different days.  Just a great series of little green spaces, pubs, etc. along the river.  This place was set up as a photo op… There are footprints where the photographer is meant to stand and the legend, “You are everyman.”


Asturian bagpipe player along the Thames. Someone else had the presence of mind to get a nice video of this guy. The music really gets started around the 1:38 mark on this video. He must be successful as the video is from 2013!  (I tossed down a pound coin, myself.)

Apparently Asturia is a region of Spain.  I like this.


I ventured down these algae covered steps in an effort to get some shots that are slightly different from the 10,000 other shots everyone undoubtedly takes around here. This was another of my favorite moments of the London visit.


I’m not much for buying souvenirs, but I do love rocks. I picked up the largest pale rock in this photo. It was going to be my favorite memento of the trip, but now I can’t find it!  Glad I took its picture in situ.


So, I’m guessing this part of the Thames is called Bankside. Just a guess. This is not enhanced. The algae just glowed in the evening sunlight.

Oh, and yes. This English/ Creative Writing major had visions of Pip and Magwich on her mind!


I am pretty sure that this is Blackfriar’s Bridge on the left and Blackfriar’s Rail Bridge on the right with abandoned bridge pillars in the center.


I could post a dozen more shots along this lovely walk, but I thiought this was particularly genius. What might have been a scary dark passage is made inviting with the addition of fairy lights to the ceiling.

DSC_9269The Tower Bridge as seen from the London Bridge. This feels like the equivalent of Paris’s Eiffel Tower.  We walked across and then took a bus home.  Thank goodness for Google maps on my cell phone, that could tell us which way to walk to find the right bus back to our neighborhood.

We put in an average of 8 miles a day in London, even though temperatures were amongst the highest ever recorded in London…around 100 F, we heard.