All This and the San Andreas Fault


Hydra–perhaps inspired by our viewing of Iron Man 3 earlier in the day–keeps a boulder at bay, Big Rock Creek, CA.


Good thing he had his hero on.  Moments after this shot, I found myself straddling this gap and in need of a tug.  I thought he said he stepped from one boulder to the other when in fact he leapt in a spritely fashion.  Too much nice camera equipment hung in the balance for me to risk a tumble.  He came back and helped, yay!


Pretty sure that this is an antlion pit.  The antlion is waiting down at the bottom of the cone.


Dragonfly, of course.


Larger dragonfly.


Larger dragonfly about to land!


Pretty little flowers.DSC_0163 spider 2

When I started zooming in and cropping, I discovered that the pretty little flowers were covered in spider webs.  With spiders actually working  in them. In fact, most of the shots included a LOT of bugs we weren’t even aware of.


Why we came up here in the first place.  Nice to be around water.


As promised, the San Andreas Fault!  I’m almost pointing at the notch behind me, which mark the path of the famous fault and continental plate boundary.  Hydra and I might be on different continental plates as he takes this.  Or, honestly, we’re both probably in the crush zone and would be in a lot of trouble if this thing let loose.

Whoot!  Another death-defying feat under our belts on a sunny afternoon.


Return to Big Rock Creek

Hydra and I were going to go to the Devi’ls Punchbowl on the 5th, but when we arrived the parking lot was jam packed.  Good to see so many people enjoying the park, but we had something else in mind, so we drove another 15 minutes or so around to Big Rock Creek in the Angeles National Forest.   It was a great day for hiking up the creek bed.

Nice clear water coming off the mountains.  Hydra played with some of the rocks.

A lot of a SoCal winter is like a long Midwestern autumn.

Hydra pointed out the adventuresome driveway to this cottage.   I think it would be worth it, in the right vehicle!

I just love all the different shapes and colors in nature.

Our car waiting for us after a peaceful sojourn.  Lovely day to be alive.