Moving Day


Here’s a photo of some loose hibiscus tea brewing in the window to celebrate moving day. Any Given Sundry is morphing into Any Given Sundry Too because I used up all the free space.

I’d appreciate very very much it if you could go there when you see a post.  That’s how it will get mapped and be searchable online. You can follow via WordPress, or sign up for email notification or click through when you see a post on Facebook, and you would be doing me a nice favor!

It’ll be my online home until I figure out the next step, if there is one. Knowing I was running out of space put a real crimp in my posting.

I’m going to try to post every day for the rest of June at least, to return to my old habit of a photo a day, which was a rich one. I’m going to Indiana for a couple of weeks so the posts will be 95% green. You will like it. Really, you will.

Thanks so much to my regular commenters, likers and readers!  You make this fun and un-lonely!


Milestoned – 3000th Post!


This all started back in fall of 2005. My first post didn’t have a photograph. But the second one, on September 21, began a year-long commitment to take a photo a day.

I took on that challenge because I wanted to buy a nice, pricy Nikon. I didn’t want to just buy it and have it sit there staring at me like a cyclops regarding a dilettante.  I figured if I could take a photo a day for a year with my 3 megapixel Kodak, I’d figure out whether a) I’d really use a good camera, b)  I was any good at it, or c) I’d simply derive enough pleasure from it to warrent the expense.

I did it for a year, bought the camera, and continued my photo-a-day habit for another two full years.


Me in the Kern River, photo by Hydra – cheap waterproof camera.

A lot of metaphors have passed under the bridge in the past 9 1/2 years.

A lot has changed in the writing world. It felt so good to just build a site and run with it. Putting my words and images out there without having to ask anyone’s permission felt very liberating. I started on Blogspot, but switched to WordPress in 2009.  None of the pictures from 2005 seem to be available to the blog anymore. I probably should have been backing this up somewhere, huh?

I wonder about blogging in general. All of us throwing all this material out there for free has devalued the work. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and my pictures to myself unless I could convince someone else to publish them. Maybe I would have had more energy to put into marketing my work if I weren’t goofing around on my blog. But then again, maybe no one would have bitten. As it is I’ve learned a lot. I think my prose style has improved, and my photographic skills, too.

I never figured out monetizing my blog. (Those Google ads you see? I get nothing from those, but I suppose they fund this amazing free adventure called WordPress.)

Focusing on one thing would have helped, but I have the curse of the generalist, I guess. I love it all! I don’t want to be held to one topic. Any Given Sundry, my own lovely little curse.


My most popular post by far was “Ultimate Regifting – Artist’s Notebook,” in which I shared the sketchbook my mother, aka Kitty/Joan, returned to me. I gave it to her empty. She regifted it back to me years later, full of drawings like this one.  According to WordPress stats, more than 6,500 people have seen this post!

“Way Too Many Pictures of a Truck,” is popular, too, probably because I thought it looked like the truck from Duel. But it wasn’t. Which I admit in the post.

Pac Air

One of the biggest surprises has been the response to this snapshot I took while sitting in traffic. It’s of the old Pacific Airmotive plant. There wasn’t much online about it, but between this site and it’s mirror on Blogspot, the post itself has become a place where people who worked there comment on what a great place it was.

SM homeless

Stumbled onto this from 2006. I took that? I remember now.
It’s from “The other truth about Santa Monica.”

I was thinking about shutting down the blog earlier this year, but a few people talked me out of it. I still don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’m enjoying it.

I’ve started a few themed series. Now what do I do with them?

Taking a photo a day and sharing it, I have to admit, changed the way I look at the whole world.  When I’m out and about, I’m sometimes thinking of you, the folks who keep coming back or who pause here and say something nice. I think you might like to see this beautiful, or sad or interesting thing I found.

I also learned that the days when nothing particularly amazing is happening are often the days I find the best photos, which is why I just walked around the house and settled on the orchid for my 3000th post.

It’s been a good journey so far.

What’s next!?





Got Milk Shakes? You bet! – Monday 8/4/2009

Got Milk 057

So I went out Monday afternoon to check out a bunch of yummy milkshake recipes at BLD on Beverly Boulevard.  Salted caramel, passion fruit, Mexican…chocolate and cinnamon: one of my favorites.

Liz (goofing around, as if this will encourage me to try and run a marathon with her),  David and Sandra at the event, which was sponsored by Got Milk.

Got Milk 055

Jane served up lovely bite-sized pastries.  The strawberry shortbread tidbit was wonderful. These were created at BLD, which is famous for it’s ricotta blueberry pancakes.  Sounds good!


Katy has a Tarot reading.  She really seemed to bond with the reader!

Got Milk 026

Los Angelista gets into the game right away, trying out the Cookie Jar Milkshake recipe.  The woman who gave her a Tarot card reading told her she is a good cook, so she decided to test the psychic winds right away.

I was told that I’ll get a big promotion at work.  Which really isn’t possible unless something terrible happens to Peaches, and I win the lottery and in the haze of my good fortune I decide to buy the business and actually stay and run it.

So I’m hoping the big promotion comes in some writerly form instead.   Will step up the submissions just in case the Tarot mistress was right.

Got Milk 029

Los Angelista doesn’t seem to think it’s the best, but I actually liked it.  She didn’t use all the cookies that were recommended and the shake was not as sweet as some, which I prefer.

Got Milk 048

I jumped at the chance to make a blueberry malt.  Now that’s my sort of thing.   I love blueberries and I love malts. I thought it came out pretty good.

Clearly, though, I need to think about my facial expressions when I’m in a photo op.  This is the best of the bunch.  Some of them are just ridiculous.  Lip biting, face scrunching.  Wow, do I always look like that when I cook ?  I hope not!

Check out the shake recipes online. The brownies in the Mexican Shake sound weird, but they really taste great.

It was a really fun afternoon.  Caught up with a couple of bloggers I knew, met some new ones, handed out some of my Moo cards.  Also talked with the very enthusiastic official photographer, Tyrone D. Washington, whose shots of the event you can find on Flicker.

If you were there and have written about it too, I’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment and link!