Too Pooped to Poppy


Hydra and I were on our way into Palmdale on Sunday to run errands when we saw this amazing spray of poppies on the hillside next to the 14 freeway. We turned around and went back for the good camera.


Another shot from Sierra Highway.  This is part of the Sierra Pelona mountain range.  I gather than pelona means “bald” in Spanish.  As you can tell by the slant of the tree in the foreground, there is a lot of wind through this pass. This is one of the places where snow and rain gets stuck on it’s way to the Mojave Desert.




The view from The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.  Some friends who live in Neenach (pronounced KneeKnock) told us that later that there were more a bit further east of us.  It was good to be out in the less populated part of the Antelope Valley, anyway.  This is looking south west, I think, back toward the Sierra Pelonas.

I think it’s a bit early for poppies, since the California Poppy Festival isn’t scheduled till the end of April.  If we don’t get more rain, it doesn’t seem promising that there will be much to see by then.


The elusive, effusive California poppy.


For the geologically inclined amongst you, that is Ritter Ridge in the background. It separates the beautiful Leona Valley from the Antelope Valley, and it’s also known as the San Andreas fault ridge. The Leona Valley is basically ground zero for the San Andreas Fault. It’s gorgeous, with lots of grazing land, fruit orchards and lakes (aka sag ponds, where the fault meets an aquifer and viola! water!)