Sundry and the Rather Blustery Day


Snow was falling on the mountains across the valley, in the Angeles National Forest as we took off for a run into Lancaster.


The Antelope Valley was stunning from the vantage point of the 14 North.


On the way back, the weather front moving in. Taken from the 14 south at the western edge of Palmdale. That ridge is deformation caused by the San Andreas Fault.


As we hit the pass, snow mixed in with the rain!


And it had an immediate impact. The guy in the black truck was out, on his cell phone, helping the woman in the spun out vehicle by the time we passed. I love people sometimes.


Sunny skies at our place. That’s our community to the left of the hill. Snow just a couple of miles away, to the right, on the other side of the 14 from us.  One of the great things about living in the foothills is getting these views of the weather as it moves around us.


High Contrast Weather


Looking more or less east from the hill behind our house this morning.


Looking more or less west from the exact same place the first shot was taken. It’s so often like this lately. Quite a difference depending on which way you’re looking. There’s probably a ripe metaphor in there….


Encountered this marker where the fire road comes close to Stallion Meadows Trail.  Called the HOA manager because we are super snoopy. He says it’s a CalTrans marker that will be used in getting new aerial shots of the nearby 14 freeway.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with the proposed high speed rail route that could go right under our neighborhood.


I do not understand people who enjoy nature enough to go be out in it, but who are then capable of leaving broken glass behind them. Oh well, gives me the chance to feel like a do-gooder. After the recent rain and wind, there were a few other pieces of detritus to pick up, too.  Some day I will remember to bring along a plastic bag!

From Both Sides Now


It was one of those days when the clouds kept catching my eye.  Coming home from aqua aerobics this morning, they were hanging above Hydra’s mountain on the drive up to our neighborhood. That’s about as green as we are likely to see our hills this year.


Looking back toward the Angeles National Forest from the drive.


The sky continued to be amazing as the sun went down and we were out in Palmdale running errands. Couldn’t really get any shots with the little Lumix that captured it.

I think we need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for photo ops.”



A raven flew up while we were stopped along Tierra Subida to take photos. I thought about cropping out all the lines, but it is what it is.


I like the way the light blurred a little in this shot as we crossed over the California Aqueduct heading toward the reservoir. Yes, Hydra was driving. He’s great about pulling over, or even going back for shots!

A New Season

P1020864Along Soledad Canyon Road, Acton.

The weather has been seriously strange around here lately. It’s like a whole ‘nother season.

It’s hot, which isn’t too much of a surprise, but the humidity has been up around 65%, which is high for us.  The sky, usually utterly sapped of clouds at this time of year, is getting up to all kinds of interesting hijinks.



I was a passenger when I took this heading north on the 14 freeway approaching Crown Valley Road.  Is it just me, or are there about 5 different kinds of clouds up there at the same time?

The Light That Day


The sun played hide-and-seek with us all the way to Pasadena.


Riding shotgun means I get to try for shots I usually can only dream of.  In the 210 tunnel, almost there.


Downtown Los Angeles from the first turnout on the 2, on the way home.


This is the kind of day Ansel Adams waited for.  This was taken with my little Lumix point and shoot.  Ansel would have made hay with this day.