Cold Weather Hike in Pico Canyon


Into the woods!  Hyrda and I hiked this lovely offshoot of the basic Pico Canyon Park trail that Kitty and I discovered on a drizzly day in late 2011. (Click here for that slideshow.)  It was cold and cloudy when we started out.


We saw deer tracks in the damp trail.  Also these, which I think are probably canine, after checking the difference online.


We weren’t sure whether the trail actually ended or if it continued steeply down or up from this point, but it was far too slick for us to continue.  Looks like a nice spot for a picnic.  But how the heck did they get the table out here!


Hydra, about to recross the charming two piece bridge.


The several kinds of moss on this boulder reminded me of home in rural Northern Indiana. Lots of moss in those old woods back home.


We stumbled onto Johnson Park, which we weren’t aware of before.  Apparently, it was used by oil workers from the well that operated from 1930-1990 and was one of the longest running oil wells in the country.  It actually looks like a great place for a Songmaker picnic if we could drive up the road to the site with all our instruments.

There’s a great write up of the hiking in Pico Canyon at Nobody Hikes in L.A. which you might want to check out.


Hydra checking out the oil rig which we learned from Stan Walker’s amazing page on Johnson Park was built from authentic parts.

I’m looking forward to discovering more historic sites and hikes from Walker’s amazing site about the canyons and mining history of the greater Santa Clarita area.

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