Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles


Kitty and I accidentally went to Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles when we crossed the Vincent Thomas Bridge, overshooting our goal of exploring Terminal Island. It’s a really interesting old warehouse with lots of booths. But the name… unwieldy to say the least!


I thought this Haitian nativity set was really cute with the coconut stable…but upon reflection they kind of look like zombies.  Immaculate Conception of the Dead.


These dogs were standing and sitting so still I wasn’t sure they were real.  The brown one was looking our way until the man walked out and it turned its head!  Lovely stance, brown dog.


I bought my next notebook at Brown Bag Books!  Since my current unlined notebook (the first unlined in my long long history of keeping notebooks) has inspired me to draw more, I am especially pleased at the heavier paper in Brown Bag Books re-purposed books. Sometimes my fountain pen ink bleeds through the pages in my current, lovely notebook.


Ah, remember the days of check out cards?  I worked in the UCLA libraries when the transition was being made to digital and we threw away piles of old filing cards.

Saturday, Novemeber 2nd


Embellishing the Past


I wanted  to use this cool vintage cowboy-themed fabric from a cotton flannel shirt that LDub gave me in some sort of project. The shirt is really voluminous–apparently designed for a hip troll–and would take a lot of tailoring to be wearable.

We revamped our Secret Santa gift exchange at work a few years ago, and it’s been really nice.  We lowered the limit from $25 each to $10 each and banned gift cards. It had gotten to the point where we were all just trading gift cards!  Now we send out a note with hints about what we would like to receive.  It’s a lot more fun to shop this way, and people have been getting quite creative.

Weens said she’d like a potholder.  I considered making one from scratch for about a millisecond, but realized that I couldn’t make one with a nice safe rubberized pad like the one that’s on the other side of these.  So I took a bit of fabric with me down to Ye Olde Target store and bought two of these ready made potholders. Because I am well aware of my capacity to mess things up beyond repair and I didn’t want to have to run back into Palmdale to get another one after I cut through something important.

All went well, though.  The fabric I embellished the potholder with was SO cooperative.  Responded very well to ironing, which was a real relief.  This sample is from the sleeve, so I have quite a bit more to work with, tra la!

As luck would have it, Weens and I drew each other for the exchange!  I added some hot chocolate and some firewood to her package and stayed under the limit since we grew and cut the firewood ourselves.  I said surprises and handmade stuff are always welcome and she did a great job of putting together a package of appropriate things: pen, notebook, and an amazing home made Christmas ball.  Which oh so tragically fell to the floor with a sickening splat about 15 minutes after I hung it on our tree.  I feel really rotten about that, because it was gorgeous and her own unique idea. 😦

Anyway, that’s one of the things I’m up to.  I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use the rest of the fabric!


p.s. This is the sweet tea cup I did not bring home with me from The T Room in Montrose.  The white and wisteria one on the left.  Quite delicate and unusual.  For sale, but no price on it.  I refrained from asking.  Sigh.