Signs Along the Way




On the way home from running errands, I asked Hydra to drop me off about a mile from home, and I took the trail home.







Found this sign about 50 feet from the road.  I don’t think they’ll have any trouble enforcing this.







A buried real estate sign along the path.  From the days when the area code was still 805, more than 12 years ago.  A local who didn’t want to see the land developed may have, erm, moved this.


Critters on the Pacific Crest Trail

We hiked a tiny portion of the Pacific Crest Trail for about 75 minutes today.  Met a guy on the trail who was at the end of a 50-mile segment.  He’d started at Buckhorn Camp.

A new view of the rocks in the distance for us.  Parking lot we used is at the bottom right.  The green belt is the Santa Clara River bed, with a Metrolink and freight train track just above it.  Taken from the end of the trail visible in the first photo.

Tiny baby rattlesnake.  It was coiled a few seconds before this shot.  Then it took off quickly for the brush.  Perfect encounter.

Ant with a big stick.  He was really hauling this thing around.

Valen-Tiny Update

Gorgeous roses from Hydra.  Carrying them around the house putting them in whatever room I’m in.  The dining table can’t have all the fun!

Valentine’s Day hike around the neighborhood.  Lovely clouds across the valley.  Chilly but not too chilly.

Pair of ravens that let us get quite close before taking off.

New top shelf in the pantry!  Quel romantique!   Now Happy Together keeps running through my brain!

Return to Big Rock Creek

Hydra and I were going to go to the Devi’ls Punchbowl on the 5th, but when we arrived the parking lot was jam packed.  Good to see so many people enjoying the park, but we had something else in mind, so we drove another 15 minutes or so around to Big Rock Creek in the Angeles National Forest.   It was a great day for hiking up the creek bed.

Nice clear water coming off the mountains.  Hydra played with some of the rocks.

A lot of a SoCal winter is like a long Midwestern autumn.

Hydra pointed out the adventuresome driveway to this cottage.   I think it would be worth it, in the right vehicle!

I just love all the different shapes and colors in nature.

Our car waiting for us after a peaceful sojourn.  Lovely day to be alive.

New Year’s Day Hike

After breakfast and chat with our overnight guests, we went for a nice long walk/hike in a different direction than usual.  It was sunny but an annoyingly chilly wind was blowing, so we decided to go downhill from our place rather than up.

In cutting through an open space near where our RV is stored, we rediscovered this erosion ditch, which has gotten a LOT worse since the last time we saw it.  It’s kind of scary deep.  At least 15 feet.   Because the neighborhood just south of ours doesn’t have proper drainage and is creating this damage.  Sigh.  There’s a big culvert at one end.

There are no pumas in this crevasse, for those of you who remember The Smothers Brothers.  But the possibility was discussed.  In some detail.

Love the back light on these desert plants.