Where I’m Writing From



Took a hike this morning with a plan to sit somewhere along the way and write.  As it turned out I waited till I was nearly back to our place before selecting a little juniper grove with some long shadows in which to pause.  It was about 8 a.m. when I stopped here, after about 40 minutes of wandering around the fire roads.

Hyrda was up on the peaks at the same time.  I’m still babying my knee a bit.


The view from where I lay.

This juniper was undoubtedly stripped during the fire that we evacuated for a few years ago.  The ones whose shade I enjoyed are probably decades old.

It wasn’t necessarily a very productive writing session, but it was an interesting little writing date with myself.   I like to write in strange spaces some times, like museums or grave yards.  It’s distracting, but maybe in a good sense.  It’s good to just be somewhere and react to it.

I have a bit of a jones for new experiences.  While I love some aspects of hiking the same trails around our house for years, like seeing changes as the seasons progress, there is nothing like a new road or a new trail for pulling me along.  The need to see around the next bend becomes an imperative.  It draws me forward.  My ideal hike is a loop or a long trail with a ride waiting at the end so I don’t have to backtrack…though the view is often markedly different on the return along a mountain trail.

Going off the fire road up to this little grove gave me a different perspective for a while and made me feel I was much further from home than a few hundred feet!  It’s good to change things up.