Peach Season Opens Today!


Dodger examines the loot.

Peach season started today at Blum Ranch, across the valley from us. Hydra went right over and bought a case.  Wow, we are feasting.

In other news, I’m going to get caught up on my blog.  So much to write about, so little time lately.  I have been thinking about the wisdom of blogging so much rather than trying to write and submit essays, short stories, etc.  Need to find balance.

How to Say Thank You in 400 Calories or Less

Bring a mixture of healthy and mildly decadent treats!

I arranged this little offering to thank my co-workers for covering for me while I was out for a few days.  Stopped at Porto’s to pick up multi-grain bread for use with the Fredricksburg, TX Apricot Ginger preserves  and had to get a dozen mixed raspberry and dulce de leche kisses.

The fresh peaches are from Blum Ranch in Acton, and always a hit in the office.  The aliens are direct from our stop in Roswell, New Mexico toward the end of our 12-day odyssey–part of which was a working vacation for me–around the southwest.

I’ll be back-posting pictures from our road trip to San Antonio and Canyon Lake, TX and to Santa Fe, and some of the miles in between over the next days and weeks.  We had a lot of fun, many good conversations and saw some amazing sights.  My favorites are not on the tourist track, but there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with being a tourist either.

Years ago in a writing workshop I attended, James D. Houston said that you can take a trip or you can take a journey.  Taking a journey means that you allow the experience to change you.

I think by consciously opening myself to this possibility and by contemplating the experiences I have had after I return, I do manage to take more journeys than trips, by far.

Fruit Happens

So, I guess the evil squirrels didn’t get all the apricots after all.  There were a lot more there than I realized.



Givin’ props to my tree.

Look at the SIZE of this apricot!  It seemed to have doubled in size in the past couple of days.  All the necessary cooling and heating and rain conditions seldom hit just right for us to get any crop at all from our lovely apricot, but this year is the year.  I didn’t even begrudge the scrub jay I saw eating one on top of the shed…there are plenty to go around.   Not all of them are this big, and some are sunburned a dark color, but this little tree looked like it was about to die when we moved  here 12  1/2 years ago.  It’s a good little tree, fruit or not.

Shy little peach tree.  From the side you can’t see any fruit.  This is looking up from below the branches.  Not nearly ripe yet, but it’s working.

Just yesterday I fretted to my mom that there were no blossoms on my sugar snap pea vines.  Guess that’s all it took.  Also found a couple of 1-inch peas, so I guess I wasn’t looking closely enough a few days ago!

Everything’s Peachy Up Here!

Yesterday I was a little jealous when Kitty told me she was breakfasting on peaches from Pegerty’s tree.  What should come along to set things aright again but a card from Blum Ranch telling us that the peaches are in!  This orchard is right across the valley from us.  We can see the blossoms as a big swath of fuchsia from our yard in the spring.

Hydra stopped by on his way home and picked up this lovely crate of Fay Elbertas.   I dunno.  There might be some more peach bounce brewing in the cupboard soon.  (I have that one batch from BassJumper’s tree already going that should be ready by October.)

Yay, there will still be plenty of fruit when Kitty comes to visit this fall!  😀