Beach Creatures


Some creatures remain calm.


Some creatures expertly photobomb. (Actually, I think this was a happy accident.)


Some day-camp with gusto.


Worn out from photobombing, this one flat out enjoys the sky.


Some give their kid a big sandy belly.


Others race the waves.


The wisest beach creatures follow up with ice cream. McConnell’s is amazing!

It was breezy and the ice cream was fresh.  We took our cones outside and they started dripping like crazy.  We sat at an outside table and Kitty’s ice cream just flowed over her hand onto the concrete below us.  She’d managed to avoid getting it too much on herself, when she decided to pour the last little bit out of the cone into her spoon.

The little ice cream dam inside broke and fluid ice cream splooshed out of the cone, bounced off the spoon and splattered all over her new purse and pants.  We laughed so hard!  I’d be about ready to stop laughing and then the image replayed itself in my mind and I’d start up again.

A couple who were also enjoying McConnell’s stopped to ask us what was so funny.  We just gasped, trying to tell them.  They had their sweet cocker spaniels lick up the ice cream for us.

Thank goodness McConnell’s has a nice, clean restroom!  (P.S., I see that they are expanding to Studio City soon. )

Shots are all from the lovely Saturday Kitty and I spent exploring the Seaward Village/ San Buenaventura State Beach area of Ventura, CA and beyond.



Flowering Sun Tea


In case you were wondering, you can make sun tea using a flowering tea ball.


It unfolded over a much longer period of time that it would have in a pot of hot water, of course. But it was worth waiting for.


I started it in the window yesterday, and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

I’m trying to use up most of my tea before I buy any more.  It will probably be 2016 before I work my way through all the yummy stuff in my pantry.