Rockin’ at Rowher Flats



Rocks at Rowher Flats.

Kitty and I went to some yard sales on Saturday.  Found nothing we needed to bring home, but we enjoyed seeing different perspectives of Acton from other people’s yards. No, this is not in Acton!

We went to Agua Dulce for lunch, poked around in Agua Dulce Hardware, which is a good old-fashioned hardware store with a bin of nails in the back.

Then we took off down Sierra Highway toward Santa Clarita, driving down side roads like Mint Canyon and around the little community at Shadow Canyon.  I come by my curiosity honestly.  Kitty and I love this!

I hadn’t been down the dirt road to Rowher Flats OHV Area since Hydra and I drove out this way on a self-guided geology tour we found online (maybe at California Geotour) or its predecessor. When we first saw it, it was muddy and there were a lot of riders and trucks skidding around. We were aghast at what we thought was a lot of destruction. 


Just a part of the long view of the valley we found ourselves in…not sure what they mean by “Flats” in these parts!

I don’t know if the place has changed, or if it’s more a case of my perceptions of the natural landscape of California changing. It can be hard for a visitor or a recent transplant to see this as a living place, but having hiked these areas, one begins to understand the nature of life in a dry climate.

I know this area was closed for a while for some renovations, though, too.


An odd formation across the valley.

This is probably the tip of a huge piece of rock that is on an angle under the soil.  Plate tectonics are fun!

DSC_3111This place was visited by a fellow appreciater of rocks.

We crept along the 3-mile dirt road to the off road staging area.  The two or three guys that passed us on their way out with motorcycles in the beds of their trucks waved and grinned.


Um, yeah.  That seems to be a bullet hole inside the door of one of the pit toilets.  And Kitty found footprints on the inside of the other door.  Probably kids playing at trapping a friend inside.  So, you know, buddy up when you go to the john. 

All in all, I am quite ready to go back and hike the trail to those rocks in the first photograph.  There’s parking for them about 2 miles in from Sierra Highway.  It’s hard to judge how far from the parking the rocks are, for me. 

Vastness skews my point of view,  In a way that I like.

Not making them like they used to

Or…maybe they are.  Somewhere on the planet, I suppose rocks like these are still forming.

This is some of the quartz Hydra and I picked up on one of the hills on one of our regular hikes.  The stuff in the front is shiny chips of bigger pieces and the stuff in the back has a rough exterior.  I kind of like that raw quartz.  We got a little carried away picking up samples today, but they’ll be used around the yard or maybe this jewelry maker I recently met will help me think of ways to use some of it!