Moving Day


Here’s a photo of some loose hibiscus tea brewing in the window to celebrate moving day. Any Given Sundry is morphing into Any Given Sundry Too because I used up all the free space.

I’d appreciate very very much it if you could go there when you see a post.  That’s how it will get mapped and be searchable online. You can follow via WordPress, or sign up for email notification or click through when you see a post on Facebook, and you would be doing me a nice favor!

It’ll be my online home until I figure out the next step, if there is one. Knowing I was running out of space put a real crimp in my posting.

I’m going to try to post every day for the rest of June at least, to return to my old habit of a photo a day, which was a rich one. I’m going to Indiana for a couple of weeks so the posts will be 95% green. You will like it. Really, you will.

Thanks so much to my regular commenters, likers and readers!  You make this fun and un-lonely!


Flowering Sun Tea


In case you were wondering, you can make sun tea using a flowering tea ball.


It unfolded over a much longer period of time that it would have in a pot of hot water, of course. But it was worth waiting for.


I started it in the window yesterday, and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

I’m trying to use up most of my tea before I buy any more.  It will probably be 2016 before I work my way through all the yummy stuff in my pantry.

Free Tea Be, You and Me


Just because it’s a work day, it doesn’t mean we have to be uncivilized.

Settling in to read a new Crossing Lines script. Brewing Constant Comment today. Tea of my youth.

Remember that book, 1001 Valuable Things You Can Get Free? That book changed my life! We’d never had Constant Comment tea until we read that you could obtain a free sample by writing to the company. My mom, sister and I became lifelong fans.

I think I must have been about ten or eleven when we got our copy. I used that book to send away for things like free maps of places I thought I might like to visit or live, government publications on all kinds of subjects (from Pueblo, Colorado!) and autographed photos of actors. I have signed photos of Gene Kelly, The Smothers Brothers, Greg Morris and others.  It was a really good experience to compose letters and send them, and actually receive things in response.


Will True sent me this tea pot for my birthday last month. What a sweet surprise!  Does he get my aesthetic, or what?

Friends are the best free thing ever.



Ladies Who Lunch – The T Room

P1010791Let the annual Christmas luncheon begin!  All the SoCal coworkers convened at The T Room in Montrose for a lovely meal and delicious teas. The new White Christmas tea was a big hit…very light and flavorful.


Yes, I do like tea ware. I can’t help it!

P1010790The women who run The T Room are always so welcoming. And look at this spread!


My former office-mate, OneL, and I. Miss chatting with her daily, but not driving down to the office is pretty fab.


Peachy brought her daughter. She was born two months after I started working there, so I always know… She’s about to turn 16 already!


Secret Santa gifts abound. Fun tokens of our appreciation for one another.

Feeling lucky to have found such interesting work (I am an info geek, I admit it) and such a compassionate company to work for.  The only things missing were the lovely faces of the other two staffers who are in Massachusetts and Toronto!

Embellishing the Past


I wanted  to use this cool vintage cowboy-themed fabric from a cotton flannel shirt that LDub gave me in some sort of project. The shirt is really voluminous–apparently designed for a hip troll–and would take a lot of tailoring to be wearable.

We revamped our Secret Santa gift exchange at work a few years ago, and it’s been really nice.  We lowered the limit from $25 each to $10 each and banned gift cards. It had gotten to the point where we were all just trading gift cards!  Now we send out a note with hints about what we would like to receive.  It’s a lot more fun to shop this way, and people have been getting quite creative.

Weens said she’d like a potholder.  I considered making one from scratch for about a millisecond, but realized that I couldn’t make one with a nice safe rubberized pad like the one that’s on the other side of these.  So I took a bit of fabric with me down to Ye Olde Target store and bought two of these ready made potholders. Because I am well aware of my capacity to mess things up beyond repair and I didn’t want to have to run back into Palmdale to get another one after I cut through something important.

All went well, though.  The fabric I embellished the potholder with was SO cooperative.  Responded very well to ironing, which was a real relief.  This sample is from the sleeve, so I have quite a bit more to work with, tra la!

As luck would have it, Weens and I drew each other for the exchange!  I added some hot chocolate and some firewood to her package and stayed under the limit since we grew and cut the firewood ourselves.  I said surprises and handmade stuff are always welcome and she did a great job of putting together a package of appropriate things: pen, notebook, and an amazing home made Christmas ball.  Which oh so tragically fell to the floor with a sickening splat about 15 minutes after I hung it on our tree.  I feel really rotten about that, because it was gorgeous and her own unique idea. 😦

Anyway, that’s one of the things I’m up to.  I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use the rest of the fabric!


p.s. This is the sweet tea cup I did not bring home with me from The T Room in Montrose.  The white and wisteria one on the left.  Quite delicate and unusual.  For sale, but no price on it.  I refrained from asking.  Sigh.

Rose Hippy Hippy Shake

It’s clear that I haven’t been deadheading the roses like I should, or I wouldn’t have a little bowl full of rose hips to make into tea.  I checked online to make sure you can use any kind of rose hips before making tea of these.

Apparently, rose hips are a good source of vitamin C for those who aren’t around other sources.  Also pectin, which is used in making jelly actually gel.   People even make wine from them… but then, people will make wine out of just about anything.

Kitty and I took our rose hip tea at the table on the deck.  As you can see, it was very pale and not too flavorful.  If you asked me right now, I’d have to say it tastes like hot honey water with a little itty bit of tang.

Almost Tea Totalled


Yipes!  I made myself a nice pot of chai at work.   Poured a cup and then got up to retrieve a document from the group printer.

When I got back the cup was only half full, so I poured it to the top again.

Then I saw that the saucer was full of tea!  Leaned over and slurped while I lifted the dripping cup.  The bowl had a big crack from the base to the rim.  I’ve cracked tea cups before, yes, but never had one go quite so surprisingly bad.

Crisis averted, as you can see– but just barely.

Antipasta and I Try the New Menu at Aroma Coffee & Tea — Mmmm.


Yes, this sandwich is as big as it looks.  Luckily, it’s filled with quality ingredients.

Meet Aroma Coffee & Tea Company‘s lobster club.  Yes, I said lobster club.

Antipasta and I had our bi-weekly writer’s date at Aroma.  We disassembled this sandwich in order to eat it, opting to eat it as one thick baconed BLT  and one serving  of tasty lobster on toast.   I swear I was going to get the Caesar salad on the side, but when the nice man behind the counter said garlic fries, I got a little tipsy and ordered them.  They were crisp and tasty, though not as garlicky as I like.

I admit that this plate was mostly  mine as Antipasta had lunched at the normal time.  I’d gone online to check out Aroma’s menu and decided it was worth waiting till around 3 in the afternoon.   They haven’t always had a full menu, so if you haven’t been lately, you  haven’t been.

They still have massive and fabulous sharable desserts and great coffee.  I had a cinnamon vanilla latte and Antipasta had a gingerbread chai.  Both well balanced and not-too-sweet.  Those of you who know how simply I’ve been eating lately know that this was a big blow out…I only did it to make Antipasta happy as we were celebrating her birthday.

Not as exciting as the Catalina Zipline Eco-Tour she took over the weekend, but we do what we can.


Aroma is really unique and lovely.  This is the view from our table along the right side (as you enter from the street) of the old house it’s housed in.  One room is dedicated to  Portrait of a Bookstore, which offers books, jewelry and interesting gift items.  I am planning to go back this holiday season to sample more from Aroma’s customizable menu (you can order that lobster, or steak or lots of other sides in an omelet or added to one of their signature salads…yum!) and shop the Tujunga Village shops clustered on the same block.

I stopped in two or three little boutique-ish clothing shops and found the prices weren’t crazy and the staff very friendly.  Bought one of those cute knit sweaters with the uneven hem that are so flattering and trendy right now.   Kind of like this one.

The only downsides to a visit to Aroma are:

1) The parking, which is all on the street and metered at a dollar an hour (bring quarters!) along Tujunga.  If you’re willing to walk a little, it’s free a few blocks away on Tujunga and on some of the neighboring side streets.

2) Food and drink orders are taken in a cramped little room where it’s easy for customers to unwittingly cut in line.  You are given your drinks, your pastry and a number to take to your table.  Getting out of the little foyer without spilling my drink or someone else wasn’t easy, especially since I was carrying a slightly large bag that people kept knocking into.

That said, I really do recommend this place.  We had a nice relaxed time on the heated outdoor patio and I lingered a little longer to write more on a piece I started as an exercise with Antipasta.