High Contrast Weather


Looking more or less east from the hill behind our house this morning.


Looking more or less west from the exact same place the first shot was taken. It’s so often like this lately. Quite a difference depending on which way you’re looking. There’s probably a ripe metaphor in there….


Encountered this marker where the fire road comes close to Stallion Meadows Trail.  Called the HOA manager because we are super snoopy. He says it’s a CalTrans marker that will be used in getting new aerial shots of the nearby 14 freeway.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with the proposed high speed rail route that could go right under our neighborhood.


I do not understand people who enjoy nature enough to go be out in it, but who are then capable of leaving broken glass behind them. Oh well, gives me the chance to feel like a do-gooder. After the recent rain and wind, there were a few other pieces of detritus to pick up, too.  Some day I will remember to bring along a plastic bag!

Stormy Weather


That big, slowly rotating eye in the sky makes Skinner”s farm look pretty vulnerable!  From the back yard of the homestead in Indiana. I watched a lot of storms roll in from this back yard.  The buildings on the left are where my grandmother’s house was.


The gathering storm from beneath the cottonless cottonwood. The electric lines were all lit up against the sky.


Yes, I lay down in the grass in the corner of the yard to take this.


While I was down there, I also aimed at the magnificent cottonless cottonwood. This tree inspires love and awe. It was planted when I was eight or nine, I think, and was run over by the lawn mower in its infancy. Tree:1, Brother: 0.


Yes, I lay down in the middle of the road to take this. Because I can out here in the boonies, that’s why!


My sister, Pegerty, braving the winds with me. Mom called us in right after this.

A few minutes later we watched from the sliding glass doors as a wall of rain marched across the fields toward us, kicking up dust as it came. Thrilling!

Sky Sights – Sun Halo and ZigZag Contrail


Hydra called me out to see the sun halo above our back yard in Acton, CA today. Always impressive.  Very large.

My DSLR wouldn’t take the shot and I wasn’t sure how to adjust it to make it happen, so this was taken with my crippled Lumix. No viewfinder, natch. Squint, point and shoot!


It reminded me that I took this shot from the 14 freeway on our way home from Bakersfield last Wednesday (April 1.) Pretty wild contrail or chemtrail, huh?

Can you see the slightly smaller one to the right of the frame?


A slightly earlier view.  There’s probably a very good explanation for this. It’s very near Edward Airforce Base and China Lake, and the experimental airial stuff that’s going on in Palmdale and Mojave.

I have no conspiracy theories to offer, I just like these things.

Double Rainbow Afternoon


I promise you, this is not an enhanced photo!

Acton was visited by a little rain storm on Monday afternoon.  Like, enough to wet the driveway completely which, if you live in a desert or desert-edge climate, you know is kind of a big deal. Then afterward, these double rainbows showed up!  The one on the left was one of the most vibrant I have ever seen.

Hydra and I went to the slope behind our house to shoot pictures and we could hear neighbors coming out into the street laughing and talking about it. Yay!




Another un-enhanced photo, looking up at the hill right behind our house at the same time. Color happiness.

Rare Sky


I was on the phone with Kitty when I pulled into the driveway and saw this.  It reminds me of milky stained glass.

I don’t  think I have ever seen a sky like this before.  Very high layer up there.

That little cloud at the bottom left skittered over behind Hydras’ mountain.  Very suspicious behavior.

Gratuitous Beauty

It’s been so green and gorgeous this year, I keep taking photos.  This is our neighborhood, as seen from the Southbound 14. Our house is behind the hill on the right.

Rumor has it that this is more like the usual amount of rain we should get in a year.  It’s been drier pretty much since we moved up here.

You can see why we like it.  Instant hiking!

You can also see why it’s hard to reach us by cell phone.  (The tower’s on the opposite side of the hills that surround us.)

Snow Business…

As we headed down to Los Angeles to see A House Not Meant to Stand, Tennessee Williams’ last play, on Friday evening, it was snowing again!  Not the greatest shot, but it was pretty much localized and we figured it wouldn’t stick.

Somehow the amazing clouds over Canyon Country look even more impressive as seen through these power lines and oil pumping wells.


Street art in East Hollywood, near where we lived when we first moved to Los Angeles.  Also, man running for a bus.